Our stable and professional team is our strength. We love what we do. Let us introduce ourselves!

Věra Švachová, CEO (Chief Event Officer)

Vera has extensive experience working with both corporate brands directly and for external agencies. Her experience also includes creating unique employee reward recognition programs and travel incentives, delivering international conferencing and creating unforgettable live brand experiences. Her professionalism, attention to every little detail and unbelievable drive bring events she delivers always exceeds expectations. From initial creative concept to event delivery, Vera will ensure you have the memorable event experience that will blow away your guests.

She often says: “There is this right combination of creativity, business spirit, passion and hardworking attitude needed to be able to lead an exceptional event management team which fulfills and exceeds client’s wishes. I also see a significant importance in the triangle client – employee – supplier which must be very well balanced”.

Jakub Kováčik, CIO (Chief Innovation Officer)

Let’s call him the brain and the innovator who is behind the scenes. With 15 years experience from a competitive and fast paced Northern American market Jakub is able to foresee new trends and paths. He loves smart technologies and focuses on their incorporation into our events. This passion for technological novelties helps us to increase outcome of every event we organize.

Jana Šemberová, Event Manager, Executive Director

Having graduated from the University of Economics, Jana possesses a rare combination of logical and precise thinking, sound corporate spirit, creativity and sharp elbows of a typical Praguer. From the age of 15 years she made some extra money as a hostess, which means that in her 26 years she has seen more action than an experienced event professional.

As she says: “The experience helps me see different parts of events from different perspectives. I can foresee risks, create alternatives and set up a solid basis for any event. “

Tereza Werry, Event Manager

Her meticulous attitude gained through her previous experience in hospitality and VIP customer care is an excellent and highly valued part of our events organization. Tereza is able to see every detail, reveals what others usually don’t spot and anticipates clients’ reactions. Her main strength is events “detail focused choreography“ and sourcing new venues. But what we treasure the most is her creativity in the field of games and activities.

I love to engage our clients in the events and I really enjoy orchestrating them. My favourite part of organizing events is revealing new and unknown experiences to our clients. I find giving the very special care to each of our clients extremely fulfilling“, says Tereza about her job.

Sandra Simpson, PR & media

The best PR professionals are free-lancers. Klara’s broad experience with corporate clients and PR agencies make her a valuable member of our team. She’s got a wide knowledge of communication and event industry and always knows who to call or send a press release to spread awareness about our events. She says that working under pressure gives the needed adrenaline dose to her body. She loves writing and her freedom.